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Bubble Tip Anemone Tidal Gardens show tank under Atlantik iCon

Bubble Tip Anemone Tidal Gardens show tank under Atlantik iCon

Tidal Gardens 250 gallon Bubble tip anemones reef tank under Orphek Atlantik iCon Reef Aquarium LED Lighting

Bubble Tip Anemones show case tank under 3 units of Orphek Atlantik iCon

Anemones are very popular among hobbyist because they are interesting, beautifully colored marine beings and also host to some species of zooxanthellae, clown fish and shrimps.

It can be found with a range of color morphs including brown, tan, rose, orange, bluish greens, cream pink, red, brick, and standard green.

Bubble Tip Anemones (BTAs) in Nature

In Nature anemones are found in reef environments, from portions that are nearly exposed at low tide to as deep as 40m (although rare below 20m, existing in two morphologies - 1. small and colonial; 2. large and solitary.

While small clustering forms occur in shallow water, typically anchored within cracks and crevices on reefs or sometimes attached to branches of corals, large solitary individuals are found in deeper waters on reef slopes, anchored in holes or crevices.

BTAs attach their pedal disc deep within dead coral amongst rubble or on solid, living reefs.

The Bubble Tip Anemone is a carnivore and in the wild, it captures food using nematocysts of tentacles to sting and capture prey. Daily nutrition also comes from the symbiotic algae that dwell within their tissues. They also absorb nutrients from the water and consume wastes from symbiotic clownfish species.

Tidal Gardens 250 gallon Bubble tip anemones reef tank

Bubble Tip Anemones (BTAs) in captive environments

In a home aquarium, the Bubble Tip Anemone requires a similar habitat found in Nature, and they will attach to deeply creviced live rock or branchy corals placed in sandy substrate.

BTAs will look for a preferred place to attach their pedal disc on their own. They are famous for moving around the tank looking for that place, stinging other corals. So, this is something to consider when bringing them abroad.

Bubble Tip Anemones spread in various positions in the tank of Tidal Gardens

Perfect water parameters is imperative for BTA's because they are sensitive to water changes and require perfect conditions to stay in good shape. For that reason specialists advice not to add them in a brand new set up marine tank.

Bubble Tip Anemones tentacles close up

Morphology X Lighting

The Bubble Tip Anemone requires strong lighting and in a tank with ideal conditions it can grow up to 1 foot in diameter. If the lighting spectrum isn't sufficient, the Bubble Tip Anemone will expand its body to make the most of the available light. In this case its morphs to a more stringy-shaped tentacles.

BTA's need a lot of light to truly thrive because they’re photosynthetic and without the proper light spectrum it can also suffer bleaching, as it will expel the zooxanthellae and turn white.

Also important to know: If your tank has lower light than the BTAs want, they will move to the middle of the tank. Too much light and the BTAs will move to the area in the tank with the least light.

Tidal Gardens Bubble tip anemones species showcase tank

Tidal Gardens is a coral reef farm located in Copley, OH, USA, supplying of high quality corals and awesome source of information for reef hobbyists.

Tidal Gardens specific species show tank - Bubble tip anemones

And in today's post about Bubble tip anemones we bring you their amazing 250 gallon species-specific show tank which is the deepest tank in the building and lighted by Orphek.

Tank measures 60"(L) X 36"(W) X 26"(H) and it is under 3 units of orphek Atlantik iCon mounted vertically for perfect light spectrum spread.

Orphek's Atlantik iCon Reef Aquarium LED Lighting was chosen to provide lighting to this species-specific show tank because as we mentioned above, Bubble tip anemones need strong lighting and controlled light spectrum for color and growth to avoid bleaching. The overall look of the tank is the most natural they could get therefore, the BTAs are happily thriving. Also, as you read above, it is a deep tank so when depth is present, Orphek is the best choice there is with the best PAR/PUR per watt.

Tidal Gardens incredible video

Tidal Gardens has made an incredible video of this tank, providing amazing visuals and a lot of information about these amazing creatures.

We invite you all to watch it and have fun!

So, if you are thinking of having BTAs in your tank, consider the following:

  • Perfect parameters of water.
  • Orphek's most natural light spectrum, with the penetration needed and developed for growth & coloration.
  • Anemones can live with other anemones in the tank.placed at least two-three feet away. If they are too close, the chemical exchange will lead to one of the two shrinking and dying.
  • The distance you place them from other corals, as they have stinging tentacles.
  • Consider having shrimps and clownfish in the tank.

A quick reminder:

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*All screenshots and images were taken from their video and belong to Tidal Gardens.

We would also like this opportunity to thank Tidal Gardens for letting Orphek share this tank in our website.

About TIDAL GARDENS in their own words:

“Tidal Gardens is a coral reef aquaculture business located in Copley, OH. Through propagation, we supply high quality aquacultured hard corals, soft corals, mushrooms, polyps, zoanthids, and gorgonians to reef aquarists with little to no impact on the natural reefs. 

The goal of Tidal Gardens is to offer the highest quality corals to those seeking a piece of that world without destroying it. We hope to instill a deep appreciation for the natural reefs and help develop a self sustaining hobby that no longer requires the collection of fish and corals. We sell corals locally on an appointment basis as well as online through this website”.

If you also want also to share your passion for the hobby and your tank please contact us!