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Get 15-25% off  Atlantik iCon Upgrade Promotion

Get 15-25% off Atlantik iCon Upgrade Promotion

Now it is the great opportunity to take a leap into the future and upgrade to Atlantik iCon enjoying our awesome Upgrade Single Kit discounts of 15% and the Upgrade Combo Promotion of 25%


We want to help all our clients to take a leap into the future with us and enter to Orphek new generation by upgrading to our latest Atlantik model: The Atlantik iCon.

What upgrades Orphek offers you:

  • LED PCB (SPECTRUM): You can upgrade to the Atlantik iCon - 15% OFF
  • PC CARD (OPERATING SYSTEM) You can upgrade to the Atlantik iCon control system - 15% OFF
  • LED PCB + PC CARD COMBO (SPECTRUM & OPERATING SYSTEM): You can upgrade both spectrum and operating system to the Atlantik iCon spectrum & operating system - 25% OFF!!!

Who can upgrade?

If you have an older version of the Atlantik fixture (Atlantik V2 V3 V4) now it is your chance to upgrade your unit(s) to the newest generation of Orphek Atlantik iCon.

Where do you shop for the Upgrades and get the discounts?

Orphek new online store

*To celebrate with us the launch of our new online platform (a brand new shopping experience for Orphek products) we are offering a great opportunity to buy Orphek products in promotional prices.

Why Orphek recommends to upgrade the unit(s):

  • By upgrading to the new icon system you will be able to use Orphek's awesome App., compatible with both IOS and Android and totally free of charge.
  • Your new upgraded Atlantik iCon will have now 6 channels instead of 4.
  • It will be compatible with Wi-Fi with Bluetooth support – you won't need a gateway anymore.
  • You will have the first and only 1000% dimming control system of the world (0-100% and 0.1-1% ).
  • The new system will control the speed of the new fans according to the light percentage for better control cooling.
  • The new system will give you moon cycle, clouds, acclimation, a pre-installed program and jelly fish mode.

What are the promotions?

1. Our awesome Atlantik iCon Upgrade Combo Kit Promotion:

  • Buy today our LED PCB + PC Card for only USD397 (25% discount) +  Free shipping worldwide express door to door

2. Our awesome Atlantik iCon single Upgrade Kits Promotion:

  • Buy today our LED PCB for only USD297 (15% discount of the original price of US$350) +  Free shipping worldwide express door to door.
  • Buy today our PC Card for only USD153 (15% discount of the original price of US$180) +  Free shipping worldwide express door to door


You can also purchase Orphek Mounting Solutions with discount in our online shop!

Mounting Solutions: BUY NOW

You can also purchase these items while upgrading:

  • Top aluminium
  • Glass lens
  • 3 meters extension cable

These items are not available for purchasing in our online shop at the moment, but they are available for purchasing separately. Please contact with us at directly for a quotation.

To read more about the Atlantik iCon scroll down or click ATLANTIK iCON PRODUCT PAGE



  • Intelligent Connectivity
  • New free Orphek iCon App for both IOS and Android
  • The best spectrum ever developed by us for optimal coral growth, color pop & health
  • 78 customized high quality, high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs – total of 156 individual LEDs Chip.
  • 10 optimized different types of Dual chip 5W wide range LEDs for maximum photochemical efficiency
  • 1000% dimming control system (0-100% and 0.1-1% for Moon Cycle)
  • Moon cycle, clouds, acclimation, jelly fish modes in addition to your own programming
  • New additional awesome features for your corals and jellyfish
  • Six separated control and programming channels 
  • Pre-installed program for optimal coral pop color & growth
  • New improved heat dissipation and cooling system
  • Wi-Fi Supported by Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi/5G internet connectivity
  • Extra data security