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Osix Smart Dim Controller for OR3 LED Bar iCon Launch

Osix Smart Dim Controller for OR3 LED Bar iCon Launch


Orphek officially announces today the launching of Osix – The OR3 Bar iCon Smart Dim Controller!

Osix – The OR3 Bar iCon Smart Dim Controller

Osix is a smart device with iCon technology that allows you to program, control, monitor and dim your OR3 Reef Aquarium LED Bars; and integrate them with all Orphek iCon LED solutions.

The game changer.


Orphek groundbreaking 10,000% dimming and 24h programming technology for coral health, growth, color, spawning and biological clock correction.


  • Osix ables you to get the best spectrum created by Orphek during the day with 1 – 100% dimming range.
  • Osix ables you to combine it with Orphek’s moonlight spectrum during the night with 10,000% (0.01 to 1%) dimming range.
Orphek icon app

Understand how Osix 10,000% dimming system is important for optimal coral growth coloration and health.

osix -or3 led bar moon light

Osix + 6 OR3 120 at Lunar mode 0.06% photo credit: Maxime Maire Orphek Facebook group

Like most living creatures, coral and fish need a dark period to rest. According to research corals must receive a period of darkness to achieve an optimal coral growth coloration and health.

Ordinary dim systems offer you a 1% to 100% dim range. This is appropriated for day time, but not for night time.


For starters, the Moon spectrum is not blue. It reflects visible light emitted by the sun, so it is a full spectrum.

Second, the 1 – 100% dim range of one blue LED only for night and moon cycles is not suitable, because this single LED still creates photosynthetic activity.

During a Moon Cycle, for each phase of the Moon, this one LED start progressively to increase its PAR – First day – 1%, second day – 2%… and on the 15th day, at full moon, it will reach a peak of 15%.

It means that these corals in captive environments will continuously be in photosynthetic activity, generating residual energy inside of them. It also means that this 1 LED that work at night with 0 – 100% dim system of light will continuously disturb your fish’s circadian rhythm and all biological clocks of the marine creatures in your tank. Read More : The Secret of Orphek iCon Lunar cycle program and advanced 10,000% dimming control


While relying on decades of academic research, Orphek R&D Teams developed and engineered the the One and Only Real Moon Cycle in LED Reef lighting Solutions reproducing Nature at its fullest.


osix wifi or3 reef bar led controller


How Osix is changing the game.

  • Osix allows you to correct biological clocks; create optimal environment for coral spawning; while getting the best spectrum for coral health, growth and color pop.
  • Osix allows you to use Orphek 10,000% dimming technology for Moon cycle.
  • Osix allows you to program dimming progression 24Hs a year round mimicking Nature.
  • Osix allows you to choose in what channels you will run your moonlight cycle for full customization!

orphek osix led bar controller

Groundbreaking Technologies.


Osix Offers The Most Sophiticated Integration:

  • Combine up to 6 Orphek LED Bars to create your fixture.
  • Combine and group all your Orphek iCon solutions to control, monitor, program and dim with Orphek awesome App. (full integration with Atlantik iCon series / Amazonas 960 iCon/ OR3 LED Bars).

Osix Has Automatic Updates:

  • Firmware
  • Programs
Osix Or3 reef aquarium led bar


Promotion Discount Up To 50% OFF


With the launch of Osix smart device the Orphek LED Bars became upgradable!

Clients owning previous versions of Orphek OR LED Bars wishing to upgrade them to get iCon technology, all its awesome features and use the Orphek App, contact us today to learn what is the best cost X benefit option for you!

Free Shipping Door to Door Air Express / DHL, UPS and Fedex + Free Transfer Fee (PayPal, Credit Card).

Contact us to order ->

Osix + OR3 Combo Promotion

6x OR3 120/90/60 + Osix

Free Shipping Door to Door Air Express / DHL, UPS and Fedex + Free Transfer Fee (PayPal, Credit Card).

6x OR3 120 + Osix120 ($223/unit) Total : $1,340

6x OR3 90 + Osix90 ($198/unit ) Total : $1,190

6x OR3 60 + Osix60 ($178/unit ) Total : $1,070

Osix or3 led bar reef aquarium

5x OR3 120/90/60 + Osix

Free Shipping Door to Door Air Express / DHL, UPS and Fedex + Free Transfer Fee (PayPal, Credit Card).

5x OR3 120 + Osix120 ($234/unit ) Total : $1,170

5x OR3 90 + Osix90 ($208/unit) Total : $1,040

5x OR3 60 + Osix60 ($188/unit ) Total : $940

osix 5 or3 reef led bar

4x OR3 120/90/60 + Osix

Free Shipping Door to Door Air Express / DHL, UPS and Fedex + Free Transfer Fee (PayPal, Credit Card).

4x OR3 120 + Osix120 ($250/unit ) Total : $1,000

4x OR3 90 + Osix90 ($222/unit) Total : $890

4x OR3 60 + Osix60 ($202/unit )Total : $810

osix 4 OR3 reef aquarium led bar

Contact us to order ->

Best quality in the market.


Osix is developed with exceptional quality and durability, developed specifically to provide a safe natural ambiance including aquariums with expensive rare, exotic & high maintenance species.

  • Osix is IP67 waterproof, ALL parts of Orphek Osix iCon Controller, including Orphek OR3 LED Bars connected are IP67 (and all parts, connectors, extension cables and plugs are water-proof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion).
  • Osix comes with Mean well driver, power factor 0.97.
  • Osix has high quality Aluminum electric anodized coating – All aluminium parts are made of high quality electric anodized aluminium coating, therefore it will never rust even in contact with salted water or environments with high humidity!
  • Osix provides extra data security.

Orphek is always ahead of time.


Orphek R&D team developed and engineered a sophisticated technology, converting what could be one more dimming controller in the market into a groundbreaking device that will integrate LED lighting solutions is a way never seen before.

Osix + OR3 LED Bars – The dream team!


  • Choose your own combination of OR3 LED Bars to create your own spectrum.
  • Connect them with Osix.
  • Download Orphek App.
  • Get the best technology for coral growth, health, color, spawning and biological clock correction ever created!


More Osix features

osix or3 reef aquarium led controller


  • One smart device, one power supply, one socket to integrate up to 6 OR3 LED Bars.


  • Easy Connect – disconnect technology.
  • Easy App Download and connection.
  • Friendly programming system.

iCON TECHNOLOGY UPGRADE (Intelligent connectivity):

  • Wi-fi/ bluetooth/ hot spot sharing/ iCloud support/ Android & iPhone compatibility/ 5G.
  • App Integration with high speed response.
  • Both local and remote wireless worldwide program, monitor, control and dimming.
  • New pre-programed features for jellyfish, cloud, acclimation.
  • Pre-programed HELIUS and MOON CYCLE (Daily/monthly fully customized in 6 channels.


  • Add as many as you wish according to your budget and spectrum needs.
  • Add more progressively if you get a larger tank.

Orphek osix controller for or3 led bar

To read more…

Osix iCon smart device takes you to a professional level!

This new technology is undoubtedly the one that will singularly have the most far-reaching functions than any other you have ever seen.

With this Orphek most advanced technology now you can choose up to six of our OR3 Reef Aquarium LED Bars and combine them according to your budget and needs and create your very own light spectrum.

Our awesome OR3 LED Bars available in our line are:

  • OR3 Blue Plus / OR3 Sky Blue / OR3 Reef Day Plus/ OR3 UV/Violet/ OR3 Violet Reef Day / OR3 RED Plus Grow / Refugium / OR3 Freshwater Planted

Atlantik iCon models available in our line:

  • Atlantik iCon/ Atlantik iCon Compact

Amazonas with iCon Tech available today:

  • Amazonas 320 iCon


  • Developed for control of Orphek OR3 LED Bars only.
  • Control of one to six (01 to 06) units of OR3 LED Bars whether with the same color spectrum or mixed spectrums available in our OR3 LED Bars line – six channels in one controller.
  • Developed to group all iCon technologies in one App.
  • Developed to be controlled by cell phone – compatible with both iPhone and Android.
  • Designed to control OR3 LED Bars over both salted water tanks/ Planted freshwater aquariums.
  • Designed to control OR3 LED Bars over both natural and synthetic compositions.
  • Developed to be operated from any place at close or far range, worldwide.
  • Public venues / Private aquariums.
  • Indoors/ opened or closed areas or canopies, such as gallery displays.
  • Low to high maintenance/harsh environments – IP67 waterproof certified.
  • Perfect for coral shops, coral farming, educational facilities, research centers, nurseries, refugium.
  • Electrical installation/ maintenance space reduction & organization.

Layout Optimization Detailed for you.

To understand how this is brilliant:

You will have the possibility to install the Osix iCon Controller to be used for both your aquarium and refugium tank, creating a layout of equipments that easy to install for your tank with less wiring, cables and sockets.

upgrade to osix

Let’s say you want to have 6 LED Bars from any other brand over your tank in the corner of a room in your house or office. Can you imagine having to find room for 6 LED Bars, with their 6 controllers, 6 power supplies, needing 6 electrical plugs to be connect in electricity sockets? Not to mention the quantity of cable connections you will have to install?

osix 6 channels connector


Even worst: Now let’s say, for example, that you are a coral farm or you have a big aquarium and you have to install 24 LED Bars – you will need space to install the 24 LED Bars and 24 controllers, 24 power supplies…The amount of space to assemble and control all of them are increasingly right? With Orphek Osix iCon Smart device you will optimize your shop/room space and reduce it considerably having to have only 4 Osix iCon controllers!!!