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Transformative Visual Journey: Explore the Expertise of Brazilian Professional Photographer Evandro Becker with the Orphek Coral Lens Kit

Transformative Visual Journey: Explore the Expertise of Brazilian Professional Photographer Evandro Becker with the Orphek Coral Lens Kit

Coral photography with Orphek 52mm Extra wide Coral Lens Kit

This month we are bringing back our most beloved gadget - the Orphek 52mm Extra wide Coral Lens Kit - to showcase its amazing performance.

coral with orphek lens filter

To provide a brief overview, the Orphek Extra Wide Coral Lens Kit has been meticulously crafted exclusively for capturing mesmerizing photographs and videos of corals and aquariums. This exceptional kit is compatible with DSLR 52mm cameras, as well as all tablets and smartphones.

Ever since its introduction, it has generated a remarkable buzz within the reefing community. Not only that, it has also emerged as an indispensable tool for professional photographers!

We are thrilled by the way our esteemed clients, photographers, and hobbyists have been fervently sharing their enthusiasm and providing valuable feedback, so today we are very excited to share the work of Brazilian professional photographer Evandro Becker ( @beckerreef ).

We are bringing stunning close up photographs of different types of corals; before and after photos (without /with Orphek Lens); awesome videos and everything you need to know about these lens and why it became a fever among reefers & coral photographers.

Orphek 52mm Extra Wide Coral Lens Kit & Videos

Since the Orphek 52mm Extra Wide Coral Lens Kit takes video-making of corals and aquariums to a professional level, Evandro has created concise yet highly effective videos showcasing the contrasting outcomes achieved without using these lenses versus the remarkable results attainable when utilizing a single lens or a combination of them. These videos serve as powerful demonstrations, exemplifying the exceptional performance delivered by these lenses.

Orphek 52mm Extra Wide Coral Lens Kit & Coral photography (before and after)

Evandro has also gifted us with many photographs showcasing the contrasting outcomes one can expect without using the lenses, as well as the exceptional results achievable by employing a single lens or a combination of them.

These photos demonstrate the our lens kit's performance, capturing the mesmerizing beauty and intricate details of corals.

To grasp the essence of what we offer, we present a comparative approach. Firstly, you will witness a photograph captured using our lens, followed by the same image taken without it.

Furthermore, you will gain a profound understanding of how your pictures can authentically reflect the vividness of your aquarium like never before. If you are a smartphone-wielding reefer, you are well aware that no matter how skilled you are at photography, the images captured with smartphones rarely do justice to the true magnificence of your aquarium.

However, when you combine our 15,000k orange lens with our 20,000k yellow lens, a miraculous transformation occurs. You are empowered to faithfully replicate the natural splendor of your aquarium within your photographs.

Remarkably, you don't need to possess advanced photographic expertise like Evandro does to capture astounding coral portraits. Thanks to our extraordinary lenses, your pictures will exhibit a professional-grade quality, elevating your photographic endeavors to unprecedented heights.

coral with orphek lens filter
coral without orphek lens filter
orphek orange yellow coral lens filter
no lens filter
after add orphek coral lens filter
before coral lens filter
with orphek coral lens for cellphone
no coral lens filter
with coral lens filter
without coral lens filter

Evandro's work, in his own words

"Well, in my authorial photos, I try to show the "hidden beauty" in the small details of coral polyps, things that normally we don't notice with the naked eye. It's amazing to observe these details and how perfect they are. I also transform my photos into paintings that later decorate the homes of hobbyists".

Evandro's work serves as a testament to the transformative capabilities of the Orphek lens kit, enabling him to elevate his craft and share the captivating world of underwater life with others.

Evandro Becker from Brazil photographer
coral reef aquarium photography HD
coral reef aquarium photography
close up coral photo
HD coral photo
macro coral photography
macro coral photo

Special Thank you note

We would like this opportunity to thank Evandro for his passion for coral photography and Orphek and we extend our sincere appreciation for sharing with us these great videos and mesmerizing coral photos captured using our coral lens kit.

We also invite you to explore the breathtaking photography content showcased on Evandro's Instagram page - @beckerreef - Prepare to be enthralled by his extraordinary talent and immerse yourself in the enchanting world he beautifully captures through his lens.

More reasons to buy Orphek 52mm Extra Wide Coral Lens kit

Orphek Coral Lens Kit offers lens that will cover all cameras of your phone including the 3 cameras of iPhone 14 Pro MAX , Samsung Galaxy S21 . Most kits don’t. You usually have to choose the main camera.

Because Orphek optical lens have stellar quality:

Glass: Orphek Lens are made of glass! Glass is far more resistant to scratching than acrylic, so your Orphek opticals filters won’t scratch easily like all cheap plastic filters you find in the market!

Not only that, in terms of precision you will get clearer view and no blur with Orphek opticals lens that acrylic, polycarbonate or any other materials.

If you notice that sometimes you have light reflection and glare on your photos when trying to take pictures of your aquarium with smartphones or cameras, our CPL 52mm reduces light reflection and increases color saturation!

Why glass matters when we consider optical filters?

Did you know that materials other than glass attract dust? Yes, it is called static electricity. Yeap… no wonder they are not so good for photography:

  • When you have dust or scratches in your filters the camera of your smartphone will continuously focus and refocus and you will find it very hard to take a focused photo.
  • After you had such a hard time cleaning your tank walls it will be very disappointing to have dust and scratches appearing in your photo, right?

Orphek developing team thought about EVERYTHING REALLY! The lens are made of glass, so all problems solved and PLUS – we are sending you a cleaning cloth that makes the cleaning process of your Orphek Optical filters very easy! Not only that, our case close the lens hermetically to avoid dust accumulation and the lens are placed neatly to avoid scratching.

Aluminum: Orphek Lens Kit is designed with industrial grade aluminum along with premium optic lenses, so you can capture shots with amazing clarity and detail.

Because Orphek Lens kit offers Interchangeability: You can swap or combine lens for different effects!

Completely stackable: All 4 lens including the wide angle and macro lens are built in an attachable design for full coverage at any orientation.

Is it easy to use?

YES! It is super easy to use! We offer you a clip-on system combined with an add-on system: The high quality glass lens for Smartphones made by Orphek can be attached on your smartphone, tablet or DSLR 52mm camera for enhanced effects with our universal detachable clip and you can add as many lens as you wish from your kit.

All you have to do is just to add the lens you wish to use inside the clip and screw it (them) then install the clip on your phone and make sure the lens is/are aligned with the phone camera lens. (Double lens only needs to cover the main lens). How easy is that?

Is it only for smartphones?

NO! IT IS FOR SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS! Not to mention that it is COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SINGLE AND DUAL-CAMERA PHONES including ALL iPhone new models and ALL Samsung Galaxy new models, Google Pixel, Huawei and more.

Orphek Coral Lens Kit is also compatible with DSLR 52mm cameras, meaning that you will have a whole extra set of filters just to shoot aquariums and corals.

DSLR camera lenses are interchangeable. So you can use all the lens you have already and take your coral and aquarium photos to a professional level with Orphek Coral Lens Kits, expanding the potential of your camera and that natural look that you couldn’t reach before!

We told you everything you needed to know about the High quality of our Optical Filters!


Take Orphek gadget anywhere you go!

Start taking amazing pictures of your corals and share with us. We will love to know where and when you are exploring Nature!

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