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Aura High End Acrylic Mounting Arms

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Orphek Aura High End Acrylic Mounting Arms


Aura is the state of the art of all Orphek’s mounting solutions designed specifically for the installation and positioning of Orphek OR LED Bars only.

Orphek Aura has our brand’s technology, quality and conceptual design upscaled to the highest level of technological development and novelty.



  • Made entirely of one block of acrylic, Aura has outstanding strength, stiffness and optical clarity.
  • You will find our Aura versatile, anti-rust, heavily-built, multi-functional and really easy to install!



  • Compatible with OR/OR2/OR3 of LED Bar Lights (of all sizes).
  • Compatible with all sizes of aquariums as long as they are rimless glass tanks.



  • Discreet sleek transparency that fits in any room with any kind of interior design.
  • Easy to install, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance of your aquarium and your fixtures.



  • Mounts directly to rimless aquarium glass till 20mm/0.78 inches maximum.
  • The transparent acrylic vertical mounting arms size is 235mm /9.25.


What is included in the Aura High End Mounting Arms Kit:

  • 2 Acrylic vertical mounting arms.
  • 2 transparent acrylic clamps.
  • 4 units of M4 16mm aluminum alloy screws.
  • 4 units of M6 16mm transparent acrylic screws.
  • 4 units of M6 25mm transparent acrylic screws.



  • Acrylic vertical mounting arms – 235 x 105 x 40 (mm) / 9.25 × 4.13 × 1.5 (inches)
  • Acrylic clamps – 71 x 44 x 50 (mm) / 2.80 x 1.73 × 1.9 (inches)



  • Length: 305 (mm) /12 (inches)
  • Width: 195 (mm) / 7,67 (inches) 
  • Height: 70 (mm) / 2,75 (inches)



  • Product net weight 0,55kg / 121,25 lbs
  • Product + Package weight 0,82kg / 180,77 lbs