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Atlantik and OR3 LED in Six Incredible Reef Aquarium Displays

Atlantik and OR3 LED in Six Incredible Reef Aquarium Displays

Enhancing Reef Aquariums: The Magic of Atlantik and OR3 LED Lights in Six Stunning Displays


Whether multiple coral reef aquarium displays in business settings, research centers or stunning aquariums in the living rooms of our clients, Orphek stands out as the ultimate choice for LED lighting solutions for its quality, performance and sleek design.

We've brought together five magnificent aquariums and installations that have seamlessly integrated Orphek lights into their projects/displays, creating a truly breathtaking experience to die for!

So let’s see how clients had their lights displayed; how they were integrated; and take a look at these awesome tanks and corals!

ONE Orphek enhancing the beauty of your business

Several units of elegant sleek Atlantik's were expertly positioned above the 7 stunning coral tank displays at the Detroit Reef Club. (Detroit Reef Club has also several displays featuring Orphek OR LED Bars)

Orphek elevated the entire ambiance: These Atlantik units not only enhanced the flawless refinement of the tank's rimless structure and its remarkably clear edges, but also intensified the vibrancy of the coral colors, adding substantial allure to the tanks.

Detroit Reef Club (aka @detroit_reef_club) is a cutting edge coral and fish importer & Aquaculture Center focused on providing quality marine livestock located in Ferndale, MI - USA.

DRC's showroom is designed to offers visitors a unique and stunning experience.

Photo credit: Detroit Reef Club

While its aesthetic integration with the shop's design is certainly noteworthy, Orphek was ultimately selected for its exceptional performance:

Atlantik iCon spectrum

Orphek has researched and developed each channel of the Atlantik iCon with a combination of LEDs colors and quantity based on the needs of corals; respecting their natural response to light wavelengths; and to provide the best color pop, health and growth spectrum, while giving tanks the natural look, mimicking nature at its fullest.

Programming & monitoring

Furthermore, shops owners possess the capability to individually program multiple Atlantik iCon units, either individually, in groups or unison, all conveniently managed through the Orphek App. Orphek App.

Check these overhead snapshots capturing the lights from above to see how they were integrated!

Photo credit: Detroit Reef Club
Photo credit: Detroit Reef Club

TWO Research centers & coral farming

Research centers and coral farm/husbandry facilities must maintain pristine rooms, attaining a high level of sophisticated environmental control necessary for simulating conditions related to temperatures, climates, and more. Additionally, these facilities typically house numerous tanks, necessitating a substantial number of lights above their tanks.

The MERL - The Minderoo Foundation Exmouth Research Lab showcases the Orphek Atlantik iCon above each tank due to the fact that the Atlantik iCon is equipped with the most advanced features and intelligent control, offering unparalleled control over lighting parameters.

From color temperature adjustment to customizable intensity and timing, researchers at MERL can fine-tune the lighting to mimic natural conditions and optimize health and growth of marine creatures.

Photo credit: Minderoo Foundation & Orphek

Orphek was chosen by MERL because it develops products and solutions that answer to the needs of the living creatures in captive aquariums, delivering perfect integration of light sources with Nature and all architectural elements of any project, no matter how complex they are and the challenges they face.

Further more, Orphek Atlantik iCon LED lighting solution relying on decades of academic research, developed and engineered with The One and Only Real Moon Cycle in LED Reef lighting Solutions reproducing Nature at its fullest.

Atlantik iCon is also the best LED lighting technology for coral growth, health, color, spawning and biological clock correction.

THREE Orphek OR3 LED Bars mounted with our spectacular AURA

Contemporary Italian design is recognized for harmonizing luxury, high-quality elements with a simplicity, and our Italian client, Matteo Fusco embodied this concept when setting up his amazing 400 liter reef tank.

Photo credit: Matteo Fusco via Orphek Facebook group

Matteo ingeniously integrated 6 units of Orphek's slim & sleek OR3 LED Bars and added elegance by mounting them with AURA (the state of the art of all Orphek’s mounting solutions, designed specifically for the installation and positioning of Orphek OR LED Bars exclusively).

He also made the wise choice to use Orphek's upmost advanced technology for LED Bars and combined 6 OR3 LED Bars with the spectrums of his choice*, creating his very own customized fixture and upgrading his OR3 LED Bars to iCon technology - programming, controlling and dimming them with Orphek Osix smart device via Orphek App.

*Matteo's spectrums of choice: 2 OR3 Reef Day Plus + 2 OR3 Sky Blue + 1 OR3 Blue Plus + 1 OR3 UV/Violet.

The killer combination! This tank not only have the most advanced technology for reef LED lighting, but also most elegant and the top-notch mounting technology ever created by Orphek.

Follow Matteo in Instagram: matt_reefer_88

FOUR Atlantik iCon for large Aquariums

Presenting a captivating exhibition tank, this aquarium is designed in a peninsula style that offers a panoramic view from three sides. Crafted from 3/4″ low-iron glass, the tank dimensions are 80″ x 40″ x 30", showcasing an expansive capacity of 400 US gallons.

The visual allure is amplified by the strategic suspension of five Atlantik iCon units, ingeniously hung with custom-crafted 80/20 T-Slot Aluminum rails.

This thoughtful arrangement not only lends a sleek and uncluttered appearance to the remarkable aquarium, but also ensures effortless access for cleaning, maintenance, and feeding tasks.

Photo credit: WWC Youtube channel & Brad Blankenship

While personal preferences play a role in coral color selection, having an understanding of how different coral colors interact with one another, and recognizing which colors are complementary or similar, assists aquascapers in creating harmonious and visually appealing aquascape layouts and one of the most remarkable aspects of this reef tank is the vibrant colors exhibited by his corals.

Thanks to the Atlantik iCon, client has achieved a stunning array of hues that captivate the eye.

The spectrums provided by the Atlantik iCon is instrumental in enhancing coral coloration. This carefully designed spectrum promotes the production of pigments like chlorophyll and carotenoids, which are responsible for the vivid and natural coloration seen in the corals. From cool blue and green hues, striking vibrant yellow and oranges, to intense purples, the color palette on display is simply breathtaking.

Furthermore, the exceptional PAR output of the Atlantik iCon ensures that corals receive ample light energy for photosynthesis. This translates into healthy growth and optimal pigment production, resulting in corals that truly pop with life and vibrancy.

Five Full transparence

Another beautiful reef aquarium hails from Italy, showcasing the seamless integration of Orphek LED lighting and mounting solutions—a combination that truly captured our admiration.

Alessio Centamore's 45X45X40 cm aquarium strikes beauty by his skilled experience in reefing and also by the choice to go with full transparence. One unit of Atlantik iCon Compact was mounted with Aura to enhance his rimless tank.

Photo credit: Alessio Centamore via Orphek Led Lighting Facebook page
Photo credit: Alessio Centamore
Photo credit: Alessio Centamore

The Atlantik iCon Compact is a smaller version of the Atlantik iCon, bringing all its features. A perfect solution for smaller aquariums.

SIX Mixing Orphek LED lighting solutions

Last but not least, client has combined 02 units of Atlantik iCon, surrounding them with 06 units of Orphek OR3 Reef Aquarium LED Bars.

Perfectly mounted over his tank, these units are giving an evenly spread light and his reef tank looks simply stunning! We simply loved this layout!

Photo credit: Craig W.

Developed to replace T5/T8 lighting technology for aquariums, for both optimal SPS/LPS coral growth, color and illumination, our OR3 Reef Aquarium LED Bars are slim, resistant, versatile and fits numerous combination of layouts, so it will fit in layouts built even with different brands.

How can I order Orphek Atlantik iCon lights?

Orphek offers you two ways of ordering your Atlantik iCon:

Go to STORE to buy in our online shop

Orphek online shop that is a brand new shopping experience for Orphek products in many languages, many currencies and forms of payment. Our online shop offers free consultancy from our sales representative near your location. We offer Free shipping – With our Door to Door worldwide Express Delivery.

Atlantik iCon Applications:

  • SPS/LPS coral reef salted water tanks
  • Designed to enhance beauty of both natural and synthetic compositions!
  • Public venues / Private aquariums
  • Indoors
  • One unit is perfect for 48″ x 30″, 120cm x 75cm SPS/LPS Corals reef aquariums
  • Perfect for giving your tank the natural look, mimicking nature at its fullest
  • Perfect for coral farming

Atlantik iCon comes with incredible features:

  • Intelligent Connectivity – friendly technology, operating through Orphek awesome new App., compatible with both IOS and Android, voice control and many other cool features.
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth – with iCloud support, 5G internet connectivity, high speed response, extra data security.
  • 10,000% dimming control system – never offered in the market before!
  • 78 customized high quality, high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs – total of 156 individual LEDs Chip.
  • 10 optimized different types of Dual chip 5W wide range LEDs for maximum photochemical efficiency.
  • 26 glass lens for all UV/violet LEDS – no yellowing over the time!
  • Plug and play technology – effortless part’s replacement for simple and easy light maintenance.
  • Pre-installed program for optimal coral pop color & growth
  • Wide convex 120 degree lens
  • Customization: For Deep Aquarium 90 / 60 / 45 / 15 / and 5 degree lens
  • Mean well Fan-less IP65 power supply
  • New additional awesome features for your corals and jellyfish
  • Six separated control and programming channels
  • Pre-installed program for optimal coral pop color & growth
  • New improved heat dissipation and cooling system & 4 fans
  • Improved internal lens to make sure you are getting the best Orphek LEDs!
  • Extra data security

Combine Orphek products with Atlantik iCon:

Atlantik iCon Upgrades

YES! Orphek products are built to last!!
Orphek offers UPGRADE possibility of its systems. That means that you will use the same Atlantik body over and over again! It means that if you have the previous versions of Atlantik you can upgrade to our newest Atlantik model: The Atlantik iCon.

What can you upgrade?

Orphek hanging solutions

Orphek offers many options for hanging/mounting its LED Solutions. Click HERE HERE and HERE to get to know them!

Last Published Mounting Solutions Post

New Orphek Mounting Solutions Combo Kit – 3-in-1 Fixing Bracket Universal Mounting Arm & Extension Combo Kit

How can I order Osix/ OR3 LED Bars/ Orphek Mounting Solutions / Combos or each product individually?

Go to STORE to buy OR3 LED Bars/ Orphek Mounting solutions/ Combo Fixing Brackets + Universal Mounting Arm+ Extension kit in our online shop.

(Obs.: Osix and Osix + OR3 Combo is not currently available in our online shop)

Go to CONTACT to buy Osix and Osix Combo

* Orphek online shop that is a brand new shopping experience for Orphek products in many languages, many currencies and forms of payment. Our online shop offers free consultancy from our sales representative near your location. We offer Free shipping – With our Door to Door worldwide Express Delivery.

** Orphek online shop sells worldwide, but if you cannot find your country in our online shop, contact us.

Awesome video reviews about Osix / OR3 LED Bars / PAR readings


Check our groundbreaking innovations!

  • We are the first and only company in the world offering 10,000% dimming control system (0-100% and 0.001-1% for Moon Cycle)!
  • First and only company relying on decades of academic research to develop and engineer the the One and Only Real Moon Cycle in LED Reef lighting Solutions reproducing Nature at its fullest.
  • First and only company developing the best technology for coral growth, health, color, spawning and biological clock  correction.
  • First and only company offering lens adjustment and LEDs substitution without loosing waterproof protection/ customized power supply for best electricity transfer and stability – Orphek patented technologies.
  • First and only company developing LED lighting solutions focused on enhancing virtual and augmented realities.
  • First and only company developing and offering a smart device that allows aquarists to create their own fixture.
  • First and only company developing and offering a smart device that allows aquarists to allows you to program, control, monitor, dim and integrate all Orphek iCon LED solutions together at the same time.
  • We are the first company to develop “pop it up” spectrum technology for coral color enhancing.
  • First company to introduce Aquarium LED lighting Internet of Things (IoT) technology.
  • First company to develop solutions to deliver light spectrum for depths over 15 meters.
  • First company to develop and offer true UV/violet LEDs in reef aquariums (since 2012!).
  • First company that provides a wide spectrum red without using normal 660nm and 640nm LEDs.
  • First company making its own wide spectrum blue LEDs.
  • First and only company to make its own proprietary white UV LEDs.
  • First company to use high Kelvin white LEDs.
  • First company to make 100-watt matrix multicolor LED chips and first to have the technology to customize the chip to any Kelvin temperature desired.

We would like to invite you to browse our website and participate with your Orphek experience.

Let us know about your tank and share it with other hobbyists in Orphek Facebook Group and Instagram!

Sharing is very easy! All you have to do is to send us the basic information about your tank, usually starting from the beginning (when you started your tank), what are you running in the tank, the living creatures you have in your tank and of course, pictures of the tank and of your corals.