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Extraordinary Reef Tank with Atlantik iCon and OR3 LED Bars

Extraordinary Reef Tank with Atlantik iCon and OR3 LED Bars

Orphek Atlantik iCon and OR3 90 Blue Plus LED Bars: The Secret of Salvador Santana's Stunning Reef Tank

Atlantik iCon units combined with OR3 LED Bars over reef tank
Photo credit: Salvador Santana

In this week's post we are unveiling Salvador Santana's underwater masterpiece with Orphek Atlantik iCon and OR3 90 Blue Plus LED Bars solutions.

Aquascaping is undeniably a challenging hobby that demands a set of skills to navigate successfully. It requires the ability to select the right corals, skillfully arrange them to prevent conflicts, and anticipate their growth patterns to avoid overlap and potential damage. The process of choosing and placing corals necessitates thorough research and practical experience.

We've selected Salvador's aquarium as a prime illustration of accomplished aquascaping, showcasing his expertise in crafting a harmonious and visually captivating underwater habitat.

About Salvador and his passion for the hobby

Salvador told us a little bit about how he started in the hobby and it was quite a fun story. It reminded us quite a lot about how Orphek founders started their passion!

Atlantik iCon units combined with OR3 LED Bars over reef tank - different channels on
Photo credit: Salvador Santana

"So the Hobby for me started with my oldest son who is now 16yrs old and at 5 yrs old we got him a 5 gallon FW tank with rainbow tetras. Then with no interest from him at all or my other 2 children I started on this insane adventure and that 5 gallon was upgraded shortly to a 30 gallon and I started venturing into live plants. so about 3 months passed and the 30 was upgraded to a 55 then a 90 then finally a 120 High-tech Planted Aquarium all within an 18 month span, lol. My wife thought I was going crazy or going through a mid-life crisis. So I ran this High-tech Planted tank for about 2 years and then got bored, so this is when I got the Saltwater bug…"

Photo credit: Salvador Santana

"... So in the process of moving and upgrading everything in life at the time I decided to give my entire FW Planted tank to a buddy of mine for next to nothing. I purchased my current 300DD and before we had even closed on the new house I had my LFS (Blueline Coral out of Naperville, IL) order me a new tank and it sat in my garage awaiting on us to finalize and close on the house. So we finally moved and we had in our contract for our movers to assist in moving new 300g tank and old 120g and it went pretty flawlessly but some corals did RTN and my 3 yr old clam died as well which I really loved. Now to present day and my 300DD has been up and running with all livestock transferred over from the 120 since 5/12/2019."

Info the aquarium

To bring his dream tank to life, Salvador installed Orphek solutions above a 72" x 36" x 28" Marineland 300DD tank. Salvador also possesses a frag tank measuring 36" x 24" x 10", which is illuminated by Orphek lighting consisting of 5 units of OR3 LED Bars, including 3 Blue Plus and 2 UVs.


  • Return Pump-Ecotech Vectra L2 & M1.
  • Wave makers- 4 Ecotech Vortech MP40's, 2 Maxspect Gyre's & 3 Jebao PP-8's.
  • Avast Marine Plank Auto-Feeder.
  • Calcium Reactor- Reef Octopus Dual 8" chambers (ARM coarse, Little ReBorn & ReMag Media-Mix ratio is 1 gallon of ARM/1.1lb of ReMag in 1st Chamber & Little Reborn in 2nd Chamber). Andre Mueller's Reef Moonshine Program along with monthly ICP-MS testing.
  • BRS 7stage Deluxe plus 150gpd RODI System. KHG (monitor Alk 6x a day).
  • Apex Fusion Controller (Salinity, pH, CaRx pH & temperature), Focustronic Mastertronic (N03, P04, Cc, Mg & Alk) & Dosetronic. I dose N03 & P04 daily (Brightwell Aquatics Neophos/Neonitro).
  • DIY Algae Scrubber, 2ea Aqua UV 45w Sterilizers.
  • BRS Dual Reactor Carbon (kural-zucht Activated carbon)/GFO (BRS HC GFO), IceCap ATO, DIY Powerfilter & 3 Aqueon Pro Titanium Heaters 300w.

Lighting project

  • 3 units of Atlantik iCon + 2 units of OR3 90 Blue Plus LED Bars

Salvador initially incorporated Orphek lighting alongside 3 Geismann Vervve LEDs, which he operated for a year. During this period, he installed 10 Orphek OR2 90 LED Bars above his tank, comprising 2 units of OR2 Daylight, 4 units of OR2 UV, and 4 units of OR2 Blue Plus.

Subsequently, he enhanced his tank's lighting setup with 3 units of Atlantik iCon, complemented by an additional 2 units of OR3 90 Blue Plus LED Bars. This upgrade aimed to amplify coral color vibrancy, promote health and growth, enhance fluorescent colors, and optimize photosynthesis. [And that is THE SECRET of Salvador's stunning reef aquarium!]

Atlantik iCon units combined with OR3 LED Bars over Marineland 300DD reef tank & frag tank
Photo credit: Salvador Santana

The secret of Salvador Santana's stunning reef aquarium

Orphek expertise is to develop, customize and deliver LED lighting solutions for perfect lighting design projects involving any biological need of a wide range of organisms, coming from different types of habitat and geographic zones, while meeting both the architectural aesthetics desired goals, and Salvador wisely chose our Atlantik iCon solution.

The Atlantik iCon is a prime example of Orphek’s commitment to delivering lighting solutions that fulfill these objectives with excellence.

By adding Orphek OR3 Blue Plus LED Bars the aquarium receives an Incredible widest Blue / violet fluorescent spectrum.

The Blue/Violet spectrum 400-500nm for SPS/LPS/Soft renders the boost of coral growth and wide fluorescent coral pop. [Maximum absorption of Chlorophyllc2 (the most common form of chlorophyll c) is achieved around 447nm].

Orphek OR3 LED Reef Aquarium Bars over reef frag tank
Photo credit: Salvador Santana
Coral frags - reef frag tank
Photo credit: Salvador Santana
Coral frags close up photo - reef frag tank
Photo credit: Salvador Santana

The corals and coral's layout

Residing within this captivating aquarium are an array of mesmerizing inhabitants, including Black Ice Snowflake Clowns, Banggai Cardinals, Bimaculatus Anthias, Copperband Butterfly, Desjardini Tang, Jade Filefish, Japanese Swallowtail Angel, Chocolate Tang, Multicolor Angel, Naso Tang, 1 spot Foxface, Orangeback Fairy Wrasse, Scopas Tang.

List of corals

BC Battlestag/ BC Bubblebath/ BC Xmas/ JF Solarflare / JF Foxflame/ Pearlberry/ Garf Bonsai/ KC True Yellow/ RRC Pink Cadillac/ Merlin Staff/ TSA Bill Murray/ PC Rainbow/ Green Slimmer/ Miyagi Tort/ Poison Ivy/ Orange Passion/ Home Wrecker/ Walt Disney/ Bubblegum Digi/ Forestfire Digi/ Emerald on Fire Digi/ Tyree Pink Lemonade/ Vivids Orange Julius/ Milli/ BigR Candyland/ Pink Dragon/ Frogskin Acro/ CC Pink Highlighter/ Walt Disney Jr/ RRC Jawdropper/ RMF Red Devil Nasuta/ RR Olympus/ Humility Humilis/ RR Pink Floyd/ Angrybird/ JF Jolt Tenuis/ 2GC Spartan Tenuis/ Raising Reef Blue Flame/ TGC Toxic Tenuis/ JB Copper Flame/ WWC Heartbreaker/ WRC Rainbow/ DFS Joker/ Tyree Superman Tenius/ SBB Sugar Rush/ SBB Heart Attack/ SBB Green Goblin/ BC Honey Comb/ Red Planet/ BC Therman’s Rainbow/ Mother of Pearl/ Rasta Torch/ Dragon Soul Torch/ Dragon Soul Variant/ 24k Gold Torch/ Sun God Torch/ Aussie Gold Torch/ Holy Grail Torch/ The Grinch Acro/ WWC Golden Table Acro/ TGC Cherry Bomb/ SNS Wolverine/ RR The Vinh/ CB Maleficent/ Vivid Confetti/ Australian Painted War Coral/ 24k Leptoseris/ Jack-O-Lantern Leptoseris/ JF Psycho Rim Favia/ Yellow Submarine Favia/ BSA Blood Moon Goniopora/ BSA Rainbow Sakura Goniopora/ BSA Jiggy Goniopora/ BSA Mirror Image Goniopora/ BSA 24k Gold Goniopora/ BSA Pinky Dinky Goniopora/ Jelly Bean Chalice/ Miami Hurricane Chalice/ CC Cloud Berry Chalice/ JF Goldmeister Chalice/ Stained Glass Chalice/ WWC Pink Boobies Chalice/ JF Raja Rampage Chalice/ WWC Skittles Bomb Cyphastrea/ WWC Grafted Sunfire Montipora Cap/ WWC Mystery Acro/ WWC Yellow Tips Austera Acropora/ WWC Paletta Blue Acropora/ WWC Glowstick Hydnophora Acro/ WWC Nuclear Grapes Acro/ WWC Fruit Fusion Acro/ WWC Shark Attack Acro/ FF Red Robin Acro/ WWC Hollywood Dreams Acro/ WWC Dragon Slayer Acropora/ WWC Yoda Acro/ WWC Neon Plesiastrea/ Red Monti Cap/ Blue Monti Cap/ Jason Fox Boston Bean Digi/Tubs Stellata/ Bio Reef Green Goblin Anacropora/JF TNT Red Anacropora/ JF Fire Starter Montipora Hirsuta/ JF Red Hot Setosa/ JF Enchanted Forest Birds Nest

Photo credit: Salvador Santana

The corals within the aquarium were strategically positioned in a three-tiered layout, with some thoughtfully dispersed across the bottom of the tank'. All corals exhibit impeccable morphology, devoid of any indications of bleaching, stinging, or damage resulting from overlapping or aggressive encounters.

Unleashing vibrant coral colors

One of the most remarkable aspects of Salvador’s reef tank is the vibrant colors exhibited by his corals. Thanks to the Atlantik iCon and OR3 90 Blue Plus LED Bars, he has achieved a stunning array of hues that captivate the eye.

The spectrums provided by the Atlantik iCon is instrumental in enhancing coral coloration. This carefully designed spectrum promotes the production of pigments like chlorophyll and carotenoids, which are responsible for the vivid and natural coloration seen in Salvador’s corals. From cool blue and green hues, striking vibrant yellows and oranges, to intense purples, the color palette on display is simply breathtaking.

Photo credit: Salvador Santana
Photo credit: Salvador Santana
Photo credit: Salvador Santana
Photo credit: Salvador Santana

Furthermore, the exceptional PAR output of the Atlantik iCon ensures that corals receive ample light energy for photosynthesis. This translates into healthy growth and optimal pigment production, resulting in corals that truly pop with life and vibrancy.

Through his masterful composition, this aquarium serves as a genuine showcase of Orphek's steadfast dedication to excellence. Every facet of the tank embodies a harmonious equilibrium, and it brings us immense delight to witness the flourishing beauty of nature nurtured with meticulous care and guided by our clients' vision.

Salvador shared a valuable insight with us: "In addition to automation, I make it a weekly ritual to test Alkalinity (using a Hannah Checker), and when Alkalinity is maintained, Calcium and Magnesium levels stay balanced. I also monitor Salinity with a Refractometer and keep an eye on Temperature using a digital thermometer." This meticulous care, along with patience and a genuine love for the hobby, are the additional secrets/keys to his success!

Photo credit: Salvador Santana
Photo credit: Salvador Santana
Photo credit: Salvador Santana

Special thank you note

Orphek wishes to express its gratitude to Salvador Santana for being such a passionate reefer and an enthusiast of Orphek products. Getting to know you and exploring your journey as a reef enthusiast has been incredibly rewarding!

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How can I order Orphek Atlantik iCon lights/ Orphek OR3 LED Bars?

Orphek offers you two ways of ordering your Atlantik iCon/OR3 LED Bars:

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Atlantik iCon Applications:

  • SPS/LPS coral reef salted water tanks
  • Designed to enhance beauty of both natural and synthetic compositions!
  • Public venues / Private aquariums
  • Indoors
  • One unit is perfect for 48″ x 30″, 120cm x 75cm SPS/LPS Corals reef aquariums
  • Perfect for giving your tank the natural look, mimicking nature at its fullest
  • Perfect for coral farming

Atlantik iCon comes with incredible features:

  • Intelligent Connectivity – friendly technology, operating through Orphek awesome new App., compatible with both IOS and Android, voice control and many other cool features.
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth – with iCloud support, 5G internet connectivity, high speed response, extra data security.
  • 10,000% dimming control system – never offered in the market before!
  • 78 customized high quality, high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs – total of 156 individual LEDs Chip.
  • 10 optimized different types of Dual chip 5W wide range LEDs for maximum photochemical efficiency.
  • 26 glass lens for all UV/violet LEDS – no yellowing over the time!
  • Plug and play technology – effortless part’s replacement for simple and easy light maintenance.
  • Pre-installed program for optimal coral pop color & growth
  • Wide convex 120 degree lens
  • Customization: For Deep Aquarium 90 / 60 / 45 / 15 / and 5 degree lens
  • Mean well Fan-less IP65 power supply
  • New additional awesome features for your corals and jellyfish
  • Six separated control and programming channels
  • Pre-installed program for optimal coral pop color & growth
  • Minimum light spillage
  • New improved heat dissipation and cooling system & 4 fans
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  • Extra data security

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Atlantik iCon Upgrades

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What can you upgrade?

Orphek hanging solutions

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