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Revealing top 10 secrets to get amazing coral color, growth & health

Revealing top 10 secrets to get amazing coral color, growth & health

Revealing top 10 secrets to get amazing coral color growth and health!

Sometimes clients achieve such perfection that we like to plunge into their reef tanks a few times to bring out the best of it for you!

Park Young Min's aquascape reef tank caught our attention from its first early stage because of his unique approach to aquascaping that you not come across every day.

One month only from our last post about this beautiful Korean tank, the development so incredible that we had to share.

The update photos really mind-blowing!

All corals are so healthy, growing so fast and their coloration are so vibrantly popping out that we decided to a look into it deeply, and find out what is the secret to get such an amazing reef tank.

And of course, share with you all!!

So let's take a look into it:

Most elegant minimalism aquascaping reef tank lighting by Atlantik iCon
Beautiful reef tank under Atlantik iCon

Tank Owner: Park Young Min - Korea

Tank size:

  • Long 60 inch / 150cm
  • Wide 24 inch / 60 cm
  • High 24inch / 60 cm


 2 units of Orphek Atlantik iCon

More info:

  • Wave motor : Voltech mp40 * 4
  • skimmer :  Octopus 250 int

In the photo below PYJ has captured a glimpse of his corals and we can see that thy are developing in a very healthy way, showing no signs of fading or bleaching. On the contrary! Corals developed strong vibrant sharp crispy coloration.

The fluorescent color of the green corals are popping out even under daylight , and the color of his fish looks both strongly brilliant and natural.

The colors are popping and so is the big question that lead to the first secret revelation - How to get these results?

Most Beautiful colorful sps reef tank
Coral close up photograph showing coloring and health

Secret No.1 Getting the best coral color and growth

To get fast coral color and growth you need a strong light with a wide spectrum, providing high amount of PAR at every point.

Park Yung Min chose our Atlantik iCon LED Light knowing it provides exactly what his corals needed and this is why it is showing fast growth and strong coloration.

The widest spectrum (from 380 to 740nm) of the Atlantik iCon provides to corals the right amount of light at the correct spectrum.

According with the size of the tank he went with 2 units (each with output of 230W in a total of 460W) for perfect spread and distribution of light.

Secret No.2 Getting coral health

Coral close up showing polyps and coral growth

As you can see in this next photo above displayed, corals are also showing good health. Its long polyps are extending, and they have developed strong vibrant sharp coloration and incredible density of coral tissue. Check also the next photo!!!

These are the signs of health that you need to look for in your corals, besides the ones we mention above, but just to reming you: lack of bleaching or fading

So what is the secret here?

The secret is one of the Atlantik iCon spectrum found in Channel 3 (470nm and 490nm ).

These wavelengths are important in zooxanthellae photosynthesis.

Beta-carotene 470nm is a photopigment found in at least some zooxanthellae.

It also acts as a protective antioxidant agent.

Xanthophylls  490nm (oxygenated carotenoids) are also found in zooxanthellae.

Two xanthophylls (diadinoxanthin and diatoxanthin) play an important role in protecting symbiotic algae and coral hosts from excessive light energy.

In a nutshel, the Atlantik iCon wide spectrum reduces events that causes bleaching and helps to recover damaged corals fast.

Coral vibrant and natural coloration

Secret No.3 Love, Love, love

Yes! You heard us well., or the Beatles... either one... Give love and you will receive it back!

Without that much love and years of dedication and caring nothing could have happened.

Getting healthy corals, with strong colors and optimized growth needs more than just a good light.

Care about your aquarium with lots of love daily, and your reef will love you back.

Coral close up showing health and color pop

Secret No.4 Just relax and let it happen!

Yes, this is one of the best thing to do.

Once you have finished setting up the tank, now is the time to step back, relax and let it happen!

Corals will grow at their own time.

One of the biggest mistake is trying to rush things by taking bad decisions and for example, pour unnecessary amount of chemicals expecting to speed the corals growth or color.

Once you chose the correct lighting, let it do its work!

We are not advising you to leave your tank without maintenance. Reef tanks need to be cleaned, corals need sometimes trimming etc... What we are saying that if you don't take the time to relax and enjoy it, and not rush things, your decisions will be a result of EVALUATION. Most like it, you will succeed if you have the time to THINK about things.

most amazing reef aquarium in the world
Reef aquarium layout under Atlantik iCon

Secret No.5 Dedication

To keep and maintain a SPS dominated reef aquarium for long time it is not an easy task

We start a reef tank, setting it nicely. We add corals and they are doing well, but once the tank begin to get older and time is passing, parameters slowly start to change.

Only a true master can keep SPS reef aquarium for many years and keep the corals beautiful and in healthy condition.

So what we mean to say is that a perfect reef tank is only achieved with a daily routine and a lot of dedication.

Secret No.6 Simplicity

Quality not Quantity .

Each coral needs it space to grow and spread without touching other corals.

Each coral needs personal care.

If you have a reef tank full of corals it harder to give the same attention to each of them compared to a reef tank with less corals.

The simpler the aquarium is, easier it to maintain.


Secret No.7 Mimicking Nature

Million years of evolution has shown us that we need to trust the way of the Nature. Nature knows best.

The Atlantik iCon has a pre set program called The Helius Program.

So what about it?


Helius is Orphek’s newest developed and pre-installed program for optimal coral health, color & growth.

Helius mimics Nature by providing you a perfect sunrise to sunset spectrum it is developed for optimal growth of SPS and LPS according to scientific research of the benefits of sun light for corals. 

The research – What happens in Nature

Most organisms have developed an endogenous clock that allows them to anticipate daily and seasonal changes and adapt their physiological, behavioral, and biochemical activity accordingly. Endogenous clocks are entrained to their local conditions by environmental cycles through input cues such as light or nutrition. Rhythmic events are common in biological systems and range in frequency from seconds to many years. Environmental and behavioral conditions, such as stress and timing of food intake are known to disrupt circadian rhythms; however, the most potent factor disrupting the normal circadian rhythms is unsuitably timed light. It is agreed that most organisms anticipate environmental changes using the solar and lunar cycle and the disruption of these rhythms due to artificial lighting has major implications on timing of reproduction, feeding, etc. and activity that can all lead lower chances of survival.

In nature, the day-length in the tropics is relatively constant and underwater by the angle of the incidence of the sunlight and its associated reflection at a flat angle of incidence shorter in the morning and evening than over water and is about 11.5 hours. (Check the first graph above)

So while using artificial LED lights it is important to fully mimic the light cycle offered by Nature or only slightly gradually change it.


Secret No.8 Consistency!

The more consistent and the healthier the radiation environment in the reef aquarium, the easier it is for the absorbed radiant energy to be converted into growth!

Too strong and too high-energy light radiation causes activation of protection mechanisms so that growth rates decline and can even reach a complete standstill.

Many reefers are used to run the light playing with channels and changing drastically the spectrums and adding a blast of blue color. We strong recommend not to do so. What we recommend is to use Helius program at 12 hours cycle .

the secret of coral growth

Secret No.9 A real lunar cycle that mimics nature


Orphek is THE ONLY COMPANY IN THE MARKET offering the real and natural moonlight.

Orphek the first and only company in the world offering 1000% dimming control system 0-100% and 0.1-1% for Moon Cycle!

Corals, like terrestrial plants need a photoperiod break or rest to carry out the biological processes that are required for good healthy growth.  Keeping regular moonlights of other LED solutions on throughout the night can have a negative reaction to your corals by not allowing them the rest they need.  Real moonlight produces no more than 0.2 and a high of 1 Lux in tropical latitudes.  There is no measurable PAR, but corals and fish do sense the light being emitted because the moon reflects about 13% of the sun’s rays.  Moonlight appears blue, but there is no blue in it and this is known as the Purkinje effect.

The first thing that will come to readers minds is the lunar cycle and why this does not affect the growth of corals in the wild.  The answer is that the lunar cycle consists of 14.7 days of moonlight and 14.7 days of darkness.  During the moonlight phase, Lux levels vary from 0 to not more than 1 Lux.

Orphek is THE ONLY COMPANY IN THE MARKET offering the real and natural moonlight.

Contrary to other LED light brands in the market today, we took a leap into LED technology and developed our 1000% dimming control, so our new Atlantik iCon natural moonlight pass will not produce PAR to cause corals’ photosynthesis and this is really important!

The 1000% dimming control will ensure that your corals and other photosynthetic animals get the proper rest and can process their night time biological functions 

Secret No.10 Choosing Atlantik iCon

Evolution and revolution.

The new ATLANTIK iCON resulted into the perfect balance between the light corals need and the overall appearance you want to see in your tank.

Top 10 reef aquascape LED Light Orphek Atlantik icon
Aquascaping reef tank before coral placement and Atlantik iCon light spread showcase

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atlantik icon reef aquarium led lighting
Orphek Atlantik iCon


  • SPS/LPS coral reef salted water tanks
  • Designed to enhance beauty of both natural and synthetic compositions!
  • Public venues / Private aquariums
  • Indoors
  • One unit is perfect for 43″ x 25″, 110cm x 65cm SPS/LPS Corals reef aquariums
  • Perfect for giving your tank the natural look, mimicking nature at its fullest
  • Perfect for coral farming

It comes with incredible features:

  • Intelligent Connectivity – friendly technology, operating through Orphek awesome new App., compatible with both IOS and Android, voice control and many other cool features.
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth – with iCloud support, 5G internet connectivity, high speed response, extra data security.
  • 1000% dimming control system – never offered in the market before!
  • 78 customized high quality, high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs – total of 156 individual LEDs Chip.
  • 10 optimized different types of Dual chip 5W wide range LEDs for maximum photochemical efficiency.
  • 26 glass lens for all UV/violet LEDS – no yellowing over the time!
  • Plug and play technology – effortless part’s replacement for simple and easy light maintenance.
  • Pre-installed program for optimal coral pop color & growth
  • Wide convex 120 degree lens
  • Customization: For Deep Aquarium  90 / 60 / 45 / 15 / and 5 degree lens
  • Mean well Fan-less IP65 power supply
  • New additional awesome features for your corals and jellyfish
  • Six separated control and programming channels
  • Pre-installed program for optimal coral pop color & growth
  • New improved heat dissipation and cooling system & 4 fans
  • Improved internal lens to make sure you are getting the best Orphek LEDs!
  • Extra data security

Orphek hanging solutions

Orphek offers many options for hanging/mounting its LED Solutions. Click HERE / HERE and HERE to get to know them!

To our clients:

We would like to thank Park Young Min for sharing his tank and skills with us!

Orphek wishes to express its gratitude to all the clients who took their time to take these awesome photos and send them to us or to publish them in social medias.

We would like to invite you to browse our website and participate with your Orphek experience.

Let us know about your tank and share it with other hobbyists in Orphek Facebook Group and Instagram!

Sharing is very easy! All you have to do is to send us the basic information about your tank, usually starting from the beginning (when you started your tank), what are you running in the tank, the living creatures you have in your tank and of course, pictures of the tank and of your corals.

We also would like to have pictures of our lights above the tank!

Please send to

We really hope you will find some time to send us your info so we can publish right away!

Thank you in advance,


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