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Achieving Perfect Lighting: OR3 Reef LED Bar Coverage and PAR Map for 48-inch/120cm Tanks

Achieving Perfect Lighting: OR3 Reef LED Bar Coverage and PAR Map for 48-inch/120cm Tanks

4 OR3 120 LED Bar coverage and PAR map results over 48 X 24 X 24inch (120 X 60 X 60 cm ) reef aquarium

OR3 Reef LED bar 120 cm PAR test

( PAR sensor placed at the bottom center of the tank / PPFD reading shows 267 PAR!)

Orphek OR3 LED Bars are one of our most versatile line of LED lighting solutions developed for optimal SPS/LPS/Soft coral fluorescence, color pop, growth & health.

Our OR3 LED Bars are already a fever among hobbyist for their amazing spectrums and now we will show you something even more spectacular: its stands out from all the rest with the highest PAR value!

But telling is something. Showing is what really matters!

In today’s post we are going to test and show you the performance of our LED bars and the results are incredible!

We are also presenting a quick video that is cool to watch:

Before we start the measuring it is important to know:
  • PAR stands for Photosynthetically Available Radiation, which is light that falls into the 400-700nm spectral range.
  • The unit for measuring par is micromoles per second, abbreviated as μmol/s. This unit indicates how many photons in the PAR spectral range fall onto the coral each second.
  • PAR is measured in PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density). PPFD measures both intensity of light and the amount of light that actually reaches the coral.

In a nutshell: PAR is light usable by corals for photosynthesis and is measured in PPFD.

Tank dimensions, water level, spectrum & how the test was performed.

  • The aquarium chosen is a 120 X 60 X 60 (cm) – 48 x 24 x 24 (inches) tank.
  • Water level at 55 (cm) – 21.65 (inches).
  • Light was hanged the lights 90cm (35.43″) from the bottom of the tank )
  • Lights: 2x OR3 120 reef day & 2x OR3 120 blue plus.
  • The sensor of the PAR meter was placed in various areas of the tank. (*)


Each PAR MAP comes with 3 different colors:

  • Dark blue – representing measurements of the edges of the tank.
  • Very light blue – representing measurements at the center of the tank.
  • Medium blue – measures taken between edges and center of the tank.

(*) Each cell (square) of the PAR MAP represents a 10cm/ 3.93 unit.

4x or3 120 led bar par map-09
OR3 Reef LED bar 120 cm PAR test

PAR meter shows – PPFD – 248μmol/s.

OR3 LED bar PAR map

PAR meter shows – PPFD – 242μmol/s.

highest PAR LED bar reef aquarium Orphek

PAR meter shows – PPFD – 224μmol/s.

best PAR reef LED bar OR3

PAR meter shows – PPFD – 224μmol/s.


4 units of OR3 120 LED Bars provide 200 -250 PAR and equivalent coverage of 120 x 60 (cm) / (48" X 24")

With this great amount of PAR you can easily grow SPS / LPS corals in any place of the tank.

OR3 LED Bars

  • They are slim, they are resistant, versatile and beautiful to display!
  • You are getting newer high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs running at 50% of the power, for highest PAR longevity with really minimum loss over the years.
  • IP67 certified LED bars with high quality materials, really resilient to the most extreme environments, with a thick acrylic top cover.

New! OR3 LED Bars and Osix controller

Orphek-osix-banner-or3 led

Osix is the new series of smart controllers for the OR3 LED Bars. With iCon technology, Osix allows you to program, control, monitor and dim your OR3 Reef Aquarium LED Bars and integrate them with all Orphek iCon LED solutions.

While relying on decades of academic research, Orphek R&D Teams developed and engineered the the One and Only Real Moon Cycle in LED Reef lighting Solutions reproducing Nature at its fullest. (Read more about Osix).

Where you can buy OR3 LED Bars:

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Where you can buy Osix controller:

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