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1000 liters tank of the month under Atlantik iCon

1000 liters tank of the month under Atlantik iCon

Reef to reef tank of the month: Maxwell's Journey to a Marine Masterpiece!

In 2023, Orphek experienced an outstanding year marked by incredible client feedback and stunning photos showcasing their clients' exquisite aquariums. Numerous aquariums were highlighted in widely shared videos on various social media platforms, others earned recognition for excellence and prestigious prizes.

In December of last year, Orphek proudly took the spotlight as the Reef to Reef Tank of the Month. Today we're thrilled to use this remarkable achievement as the perfect launchpad for our latest updates, starting with an in-depth feature on this outstanding reef tank. Stay tuned for an immersive exploration of its unique features and success story.

Maxwell's long lasting passion for the hobby combined with Orphek LED lighting for reef tanks began in 2015 when he established his beautiful tank in his home in the United Kingdom. At that time he had installed 2 units of our Atlantik V2.1, then later they were upgraded to Atlantik iCon units.

Tank Info:

Measures: 54'' L x 30'' W x 30''D glass tank
Orphek Lighting: 2 units of Orphek Atlantik iCons + OR3 LED Bars

Sump: a four section sump , 1/ return via filter socks and heater . 2/ reef octopus skimmer elitte 150sss and a AF110 media reactor , 3/ Miracle Mud , 4/ 2l Torqz reactor return pump
Protein skimmer: Reef Octopus Elite 150sss
Carbon/phosphate filtration: Rowaphos
Return pump: Jecod DCP10000
Water circulation: 2 x MP40's , 2 XF350x , 1 x Tunze

Calcium/alkalinity/magnesium dosing equipment: I run a Dastaco , A KHG test/doser , Kamoer X4 using MR KSR 7.7
Auto top-off: This is a DIY unit with a float in bay 4 of the sump it has a controller and a DD peri pump topping up from a 25L tub of RODI
Heating/cooling: 600w heater in bay 1 of sump controlled by a DD dual controller unit and cooling fans
Controller: No controller system; automation is the Dastaco and KH Guardian

Check the photo below for a glimpse of how the tank appeared back in May, 2015.

Maxwell's tank under Orphek Atlantik lights in 2015
Photo credit: Maxwell

Fast forward two years and we snapped this incredible photo. The reef has visibly improved and flourished remarkably.

Maxwell's tank under Orphek Atlantik lights in 2017
Photo credit: Maxwell

Years later, the layout of the tank has changed due to the growth and spread of the corals. His Atlantik iCon units are running a light program from 9:00 am, going to their peak at lunch time and turning off at 8:00pm.

Maxwell's tank under Orphek Atlantik iCon lights in 2023
Photo credit: Maxwell/Reef2Reef

The beautiful coral reef that Maxwell has created is the home of Yellow, Chevron and Regal tangs; Copper band, Coral beauty, Royal gamma, 6 line wrasse, Yellow wrasse and 2 clowns. It is also the home of many invertebrates such as 10 Peppermint shrimp, 10 Bumblebee shrimp, 2 Harlequin shrimp, 10 Cerith snails, 2 Emerald crabs among many others!

Maxwell's tank under Orphek Atlantik iCon lights + OR3 LED Bars
Photo credit: Maxwell/Reef2Reef

The corals

Maxwell's exquisite layout is composed by Acroporas, Montiporas, Elegance coral, Goniopora, Grape coral (LPS).

Last time we spoke with him the corals living in his aquarium were:

Microcladis – 8 or 9 variations of SSC in colors and form, Echinata ice fire, WD colored tenius, Tricolor x 2, Setosa, Blue tort, Loripes, Forest Fire, Nana, Acro sp -yellow, Hisuta, Aspera, Histrix, Fibre optic poci, Pink Poci, Suharsoni, Secale, Sarmentosa, Thick wild green blue tip stag, Milka, Spathulata, Red Disney milli, Sunset Milli, Bali Shortcake x2, Mr Myagi, wild lilac/blue with green polyps, Bali slimer, Gomezi, Red planet, Yellow sustainable reefs frag, Yellow sp colonies x2, Green plate, Purple plate, Aculeus – Tierre Del fuego, Red Milli, Watermelon chalice, Pearl berry, Purple spath red polyps, Purple spath green polyps, Sustainable reefs teal with blue polyps, Orange crush, Titanium, Captain jack, Other wild pieces names not known.

Unleashing vibrant coral colors

One of the most remarkable aspects of Maxwell's reef tank is the vibrant colors exhibited by his corals. Thanks to the Atlantik iCon and OR3 LED Bars, he has achieved a stunning array of hues that captivate the eye.


The spectrums provided by the Atlantik iCon is instrumental in enhancing coral coloration. This carefully designed spectrum promotes the production of pigments like chlorophyll and carotenoids, which are responsible for the vivid and natural coloration seen in Maxwell’s corals. From cool blue and green hues, striking vibrant yellows and oranges, to intense purples, the color palette on display is simply breathtaking.

In the following images, you'll witness a stunning showcase of vibrant coral hues.

As you can see in the next set of photos, corals are showing good health. Polyps are showing signs of growth, and they have developed strong vibrant sharp coloration and incredible density of coral tissue.

The blues & greens


The green, purples and pink corals

The fluorescent color of the green, purple-ish and pink corals are popping out, looking both strongly brilliant and natural. Take a look in the next set of photos!


How can I order Orphek Atlantik iCon lights/ Orphek OR3 LED Bars?

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Atlantik iCon comes with incredible features:

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Combine Orphek products with Atlantik iCon:

Atlantik iCon Upgrades

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What can you upgrade?

Orphek hanging solutions

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Last Published Mounting Solutions Post

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