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Orphek Aquarium LED Lighting

Orphek is an international company developing and selling a range of LED aquarium lighting solutions with a long settled worldwide reputation. We provide perfect intensity/efficiency and spectrums to all shapes, sizes, depths of aquariums to:


Homes & Offices

Public Aquariums

Hotels & Casinos

Shopping Malls

Health Centers

Universities & Research

Rescue & Care Centers

Coral Farms & Shops

Orphek Combines a Passion for Nature, Technology and Lighting Design.

Orphek is the leading company in the field of LED lights for public venues with the widest IP65 - 67 line of products and a true passion for lighting design.

We develop products and solutions that answer to the needs of the living creatures in captive aquariums, delivering perfect integration of light sources with Nature and all architectural elements of any project, no matter how complex they are and the challenges they face.


Check Our Groundbreaking Innovations

  • First and only company in the world offering 10000% dimming control system (0.01-100%)

  • First company to develop “pop it up” spectrum technology for coral color enhancing.

  • First company to introduce Aquarium LED lighting Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

  • First company to develop solutions to deliver light spectrum for depths over 15 meters.

  • First company to develop UV/violet LEDs in reef aquariums.

  • First company providing a wide spectrum red without using normal 660nm and 640nm LEDs.

  • First company making its own wide spectrum blue LEDs.

  • First and only company to make its own proprietary white UV LEDs.

  • First company to use high Kelvin white LEDs.

  • First company to make 100W matrix multicolour LED chips and customize it to any Kelvin temperature desired.

Why We Started Orphek?

In the intricate ecosystem of an aquarium, the interplay between various factors such as lighting, water conditions, feeding strategies, and water chemistry profoundly influences the growth and overall appearance of aquatic life. Among these elements, proper lighting stands out as one of the most critical aspects, particularly concerning the cultivation of corals.

Historically, achieving optimal lighting conditions has been a considerable challenge for aquarists, especially those aiming to foster coral growth. The success of coral reefs, for instance, heavily relies on the symbiotic relationship between coral polyps and the photosynthetic algae known as Zooxanthellae, which require specific types of light energy to thrive within coral tissues.

Faced with the limitations of existing lighting solutions in the market, we recognized the need for innovation. Drawing upon our collective experience as hobbyists and leveraging the expertise of marine biologists and engineers, we embarked on a journey to develop our own lighting product.

From the outset, our mission was twofold: to address the practical needs of aquarists while simultaneously prioritizing design excellence, performance, and the use of high-quality components. This commitment to excellence has propelled our products to the forefront of the industry.

Today, our lighting solutions have garnered widespread acclaim and have become synonymous with reliability and innovation. Whether it's in planted tanks, SPS reef setups, or large public aquariums, our products have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness, earning the trust and respect of aquarists worldwide. As leaders in LED lighting technology, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards for the aquarium industry.

“Together we protect Nature’s Biodiversity for generations to come.”