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The Game Changer in Coral Care

Experience the revolutionary Orphek technology featuring 10,000% dimming and 24-hour programming. Elevate coral health, growth, and color while enhancing spawning and biological clock correction. All this, while ensuring the optimal spectrum.

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The Orphek iCon App offers a comprehensive array of features for a remarkable aquarium experience. Whether for personal tanks or public showcases, we have all your needs met.

  • Acclimation Mode

    This feature gradually adjusts color spectrum and light intensity, reducing stress and promoting coral well-being amid changing conditions.

  • Lunar Mode

    Advanced 10,000% dimming control, a true breakthrough. 24-hour full spectrum transitions, from 0-100% day to 0.01-1% night. Emulates natural sun and moonlight, setting biological clocks for optimal well-being.

  • Jellyfish Mode

    Tailored for photosynthesizing jellyfish, it optimises their habitat. Set daily start and end times, adjust intensity from 0 to 100%, and witness mesmerising color changes. Elevate your aquarium with this relaxing ambiance!

  • Clouds Mode

    Replicate nature's shadowing effect for your corals, simulating the passing clouds. This mode provides a break from intense lighting, promoting relaxation and enhancing color vibrancy.

  • 24/7 Timer

    Designed for public aquariums, this intelligent program enables scheduling of light shutdowns to match visitor patterns. By reducing electricity usage during non-visiting hours, you cut costs and minimize CO2 emissions.

  • Light Groups

    Manage multiple lights effortlessly. Group them together for simultaneous control, programming, and adjustment from one convenient location. Streamline your lighting management!

  • Data Security

    Your settings are secure with built-in protection. Add an extra layer of security with app login credentials.